Webinar -

Closing the Gaps Between Salesforce Pipeline and Revenue Forecasts


About the Webinar

  •  Are you struggling with the process of forecasting revenue from your Salesforce pipeline?
  • Are you hitting your bookings targets but missing your revenue forecast?
  • Is the creation and management of your revenue forecasts manual and time-consuming?

This webinar is about often overlooked key areas that lead to missed revenue expectations and reduced revenue visibility.

Watch to learn:

  • How to instantly adjust revenue forecasts when a pipeline shifts or changes directly in Salesforce
  • How to reduce the complexity of managing and forecasting run-rate revenue in multiple systems
  • The ability to assess the progress between sales commitments and actual revenue
  • The benefits of 100% visibility of expected pipeline revenue and how to achieve it
  • The costs of not managing revenue effectively

Watch the Webinar